Digital Marketing Internship

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Intern who has excellent written and oral communication skills, is creative, positive, self-motivated, and willing to jump in and learn through experience. To perform well in this internship, you should have strong analytical skills and be able to see how digital marketing and social media fit into a business marketing strategy by thinking strategically and posting valuable content. The Intern needs to have a strong knowledge and understanding of various social media websites (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and understand the power of a digital presence for brands and products. The Intern should also have experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website, online searching and identification of relevant keywords to a campaign or within a specific vertical. The Intern should be able to recognize KPIs for digital marketing campaigns and provide feedback and analysis on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within a campaign. If you’re collaborative, hardworking, and have a sense of humor, you’re on your way to being a great fit to join our team.

This is an unpaid internship (application for school credit encouraged) for a minimum 15-20 hours per week at our office in Princeton, NJ.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Experience with social media on at least a personal level and on a preferred business level;
  • Understanding of foundational concepts of Search Engine Optimization;
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics;
  • Experience with corporate-level email service providers is a plus;
  • Design and image editing skills are a plus.


  • Create and maintain effective marketing campaigns across all interactive media including email, social channels, and blogs;
  • Learn the nuances of client management from sitting in on meetings to hands on account administration experience;
  • Execute web and online searches, and assist in identifying SEO keywords for constant SEO improvement;
  • Track, analyze, and report the results of marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and other tools;
  • Proactively create and maintain online conversations;
  • Build, deploy and optimize email CRM campaigns;
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals;
  • Identify marketing & advertising trends and optimize performance based on these insights;
  • Manage the testing process (A/B, rolling, etc.) through our email service providers;
  • Build and send email, manage email lists, segments and work flows;
  • Other duties as assigned based on company needs and Intern’s strengths/interests.

Please send resume and writing sample to with the subject line ‘Digital Marketing Internship’.