Data Science Research Internship

We are seeking a Data Science Research Intern who has excellent written and oral communication skills, is creative, positive, self-motivated, and willing to jump in and learn through experience. There are different possible paths for this internship to take, so please make sure to specify which track(s) you’re most interested in.

The intern will be focusing on research and prototyping of new ways to collect and visualize complex marketing data. The best candidates will have a burning desire to add to his/her toolkit and be resourceful and results-oriented. The intern should be a self-starter who can work in a dynamic environment, independently and as part of a larger team. The intern will be challenged to think of creative solutions to database and website issues and will need to effectively communicate possible solutions with the internal team. If you’re collaborative, hardworking, and have a sense of humor, you’re on your way to being a great fit to join our team.

This is an unpaid internship (for credit only) open to undergraduate students for a minimum 15-20 hours per week at our office in Princeton, NJ.

Possible Internship Tracks

Path 1 – Visualization: Utilizing Unity 3D or similar tools for multi-dimensional data modeling

Path 2 – IoT: Prototyping sensors using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or similar systems

Path 3 – Neurology of marketing: Analyze facial and language recognition and expressions, how the subconscious processes what they see/hear/read, understand how that information is stored in memory

Path 4 – Fractal Analytics: Applying fractal geometry to the study of marketing trends

Path 5 – Quantum Computing: Research tools and techniques for quantum computing. High-level understanding of quantum physics theory is important, but in-depth knowledge is not required. Will work with an actual 5-bit quantum computer using the IBM Quantum Experience platform.


  • Self-starter with effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to learn new skills fast, stay on task and work within tight timeframes
  • Knowledge of basic electronics is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of relevant software programming, electronics, and/or resources for desired internship path (may include C#/C++, electronics/engineering, fractal geometry, or other related technologies and skills)

 Please send resume, cover letter and work sample to with the subject line ‘Data Science Research Internship’.